Unfortunately due to the presence of COVID_19 and the  Executive Order presented by the Governor of Colorado, and its recommendations of the “Safter-at-Home”, the Juneteenth Organization of Pueblo (JOP) will not be able to hold our annual Juneteenth Celebration in the park, or our annual Pageant this year.  However, JOP will still present the following students with scholarships for the 2020-2021, school year:

Trevon Collins, renewal, attending McPherson College in Kansas, studying Accounting/Business Finance .

Faizah Howard, renewal, attending Colorado State University of Pueblo,  studying English.

Charles McCulley-Sedillo, attending Colorado State University Ft. Collins, studying Business Administration

Maelah Robinson-Castillo, attending the University of Denver studying Molecular Biology and Chemistry.

Brianna Forbes, attending Grand Canyon University in Arizona, studying Biology with emphasis on Pre-Physiology of Exercise Science.

In addition to the Scholarships we have also awarded the following 3 contestants for the Juneteenth Pageant this year:

The 2020-21 Juneteenth Queen is Bryana Lark 16,  who is currently a Sophomore at Pueblo County High School, she was raised by her grandmother Icey Jackson of Pueblo, Colorado.  After high school she would like to attend NYU law to become a lawyer.

The 2020-21 Little Miss Juneteenth is Ms. Roniaya Moore 10,  daughter of Damone and Laronza (Wiley) Moore. Roniay loves to read, and would like to become a writer  when she grows up.

The 2020-21 Juneteenth Princess is Rhyan Moore 8,  daughter of Damone and Laronza (Wiley) Moore.  Rhyan loves to dance, and would like to become a basketball player  when she grows up.

Shauna Sankey, BA CAC II, CM I
Juneteenth Organization of Pueblo, Sec/Pageant Director
National Juneteenth Organization Foundation,  State Director, Colorado