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Pueblo Juneteenth 2018

Pueblo Juneteenth Mission Statement:

Juneteenth’s mission is to bring all Puebloans together to remember & celebrate the heritage of African- Americans and their freedom.

In our quest of perfecting unity in our community, as citizens concerned with human dignity & community redevelopment to implement programs that address the needs of all Pueblo’s ethnic communities.

To bring all Puebloans together to celebrate a common bond of freedom. As all our “Ancestors” at some point in time have seen
prejudice and /or been discriminated against in our community, state and/or country and have overcome.

Pueblo Juneteenth Vision Statement:

Standing on the shoulders of the Past;
Listening to the voice of the Present;
Paving the way to the Future………….

By partnering with our educational systems; such as, Colorado State University – Pueblo, Colorado Tech University – Pueblo, Pueblo Community College and local businesses. We strive to accomplish the following in this community:

  • Research and develop new techniques & methodologies in computer education.
  • To develop & implement self – help programs that will improve the conditions & standard of living of those impoverished.
  • Develop & coordinate training and management skill programs, that will provide a job-ready individual.
  • To bridge the digital divide & narrow the technology gap through computer literacy programs, for all ages across all economical boundaries.
  • To establish a tutoring center for at risk students.

President’s Message 2017

May 29th, 2013|

Welcome to the 33rd annual Juneteenth my name SSG David Thomas Whitney Sr. I am the son of Walter and Opal Whitney baby of eleven. First of all I would like to thank you for giving me the opportunity again for being the Juneteenth President, and I would also like to take this opportunity to thank West Wind Campus of Care at the PARC for allowing me to take time off of work. I have a great staff and I have enjoyed working with and for Vice President Albert Neal. I am trying to educate the young African Americans what Juneteenth is all about what our slaves went through so when we come together today for this celebration I would like you to think about what struggles they have overcome. The Juneteenth staff has brought and to showcase the Veterans of Pueblo, Colorado and some special guest throughout Colorado from Medal of Honors to Tuskegee Airmen, Buffalo Soldiers, Veterans and youngest African American Veteran in WWII. I would like to welcome all of you to take some time to educate our young African Americans and to share some of your wonderful stories. The Juneteenth Committees hope to have a wonderful day we worked very hard this past year to have a better Juneteenth than the years before. We have a great team and we are always looking for new members, new ideas and people that are willing to work to make our 34th year even better on behalf of the Juneteenth Organization enjoy yourself, enjoy some good Juneteenth cooked food listen to some good music watch the kids play some games above all else enjoy our 33rd annual Juneteenth and always have a safe Juneteenth. SSG David Thomas Whitney Sr. President

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